How do we work


The center sets for itself a work strategy aiming to build a bank of knowledge. This strategy is based on the integration of three overlapping stages that guarantee to turn the information from its simple form as it happens in the scene of events into a more comprehensive, deeper and clearer image. These three stages are documentation, classification and analysis. Each one of the three stages includes a set of specialized processes and activities that are managed independently by a department for supervision and follow-up as follows:

Documentation Department: It’s the information gate of the center, it oversees the safe arrival of information according to the documentation standards applicable at the center. This department deals mainly with the collection and checking of information; it prepares for transferring information to the archive department.

  • Archive Department: It is the pathway for information to move from the information collector to the research desk; it oversees the classification of information coming from the department of documentation, storing this information in a way that facilitates its use for the researchers at the center and its audience. This is to happen through presenting information in a simplified manner on the website in the shape of interactive maps, quick statistical graphs, and clear research classifications. This department is made of the archiving and programming units; it prepares to transfer data to the research department.
  • Research Department: It is the main entrance of the knowledge bank, which oversees the use of information stored at the center’s archive and employes this information in research and analysis as needed by the programs and projects of the center that are done in cooperation with researchers from the center and other partner researchers.

A central follow-up unit connects all the three departments together, and works on coordinating the whole process in its three stages with direct supervision from the center’s management responsible for providing advisory expertise and support services as needed for the operation of the center. This includes various sides such as advocacy, finance, translation, design, and technical production. The final goal is to enrich the bank of knowledge.