Rights violation documentation guide for non-specialists

Rights violation documentation guide for non-specialists

"you won't need any Previous specialized study to make use of this book, and don’t worry if the documentation is a new activity for you, be sure that this book have the ability to improve your level, through the clearness of his titles, and the system of its chapters and ideas, all you need before start reading is a pen, a notebook, and five hours of Clarity of mind as if you were alone, and it would be better if you read this book with a friend of you who wants to know the same information and practical guidance in the daily rights violation documentation, the book was already intended to be a practical program to be given by a trainer in a course taking 12-15 training hours."


The book include the following researches :



Chapter 1 : introduction to documentation :

Why do we do documentation

Varieties and standards.

After the documentation.


Chapter 2: the levels of violations documentations :

Level 1 : data Identification.

Level 2 : classification.

Level 3 : collecting.

Level 4 : conformation and archiving.

Samples and models.


Chapter 3 : the forms of documentation.

A. B. Elimination , basic information about legal documentation.

Documentation by camera.

Documentation by witnesses.

Documentation by script : write the situation's adjust.

Cases :

  • The arbitrary detention.

  • Murder.

  • Genocide

  • The destruction of property and infrastructure.


Chapter 4 : documentation in wars : challenges and tools.

Cultural challenges :

  • Documenting women files.

  • Lack of people's cooperation.

Substantive challenges:

  • Poor efficiency in the level of documentation cadre.

  • Loss of data.

  • The absence of organizational structure

  • The loss of the victim's identity

  •  The difficulties of moving in clashes areas. 

Technical challenges :

  • Weakness in communication possibilities.

  • Lack of tools: camera, computer, internet, etc..

Challenges of destruction documentation and the thefts that happened in the buildings.


Chapter 5 : after the documentation , statistical studies models  what is a statistical study?

  • Basic mathematical operations in data processing

  • Data ordering and analyzing.

  • Data forming in Forms and fees.



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