Genocidal blockade on the city of Homs


Genocidal blockade on the city of Homs

Since June 2012

Conflict on the ground

Investigative Study

19th of April 2013



Genocidal blockade on the city of Homs



                   1. The old city of Homs 

                   2. The course of the siege

                   3. Homs Today      

                              3.1 Security            

                              3.2 Living Conditions 

                              3.3 The Medical Conditions 

                              3.4 Education                      

                   4. Geneva 2 and the UN initiative to evacuate children 

                   5. The monuments of Homs under the siege

                   6. Scenes and images 


                   Appendix (A)    


Work Methodology

The monitoring process of the events and the investigation about the course of the siege began in September 2013 and continued quietly for six months.

More than thirty personalities from Homs, who witnessed part of the siege or residents who are still in the siege until today were contacted.

The bases of the work can be summarized as:

Objective investigation (objectivity in gathering information),

Clarity of presentation (clarity in presenting the information),

Taking the following definitions:

Objective investigation

The investigation used reality as a point of departure to reach information, considering any information circulating in the media merely a claim until evidence or a reliable source is found.

Evidence: a direct interview on the ground with a person living under siege, or filming a well-defined neighborhood, or quoting an independent source.

Reliable Source: a member of the network gathers information for the Syrian Center for Statistics and Research, or quoting eyewitnesses through a member of the network.

Clarity of Presentation

The study is presented through a narrative supported by maps, images and recordings.

When we prepare the investigation material gathered in large quantity from testimonies and overlapping details, this is mixed with emotions and individual experiences with wider public relations in a deeper scene which reveals the nature of social relations. We have chosen to provide the main points through bulleted lists so as not to infringe the investigation’s impartiality, using a discourse characterized by the following:

Narrative, based on the convey of images and testimonies to portray the reality to the reader without going in-depth in readings and far from an analytical and structural speech.

Clear, based on the integrity of the connection and transition between the investigation’s paragraphs to ensure a correct understanding and good construction in the reader’s imagination. The investigation begins with a paragraph introducing the Old City of Homs, which is a fundamental starting to know the geographical and social environment  of the situation monitored in the investigation, and moves to portray reality from four different angles in the attempt to simplify the scene and to approach more details, and ends with photos and scenes shot to help in completing the construction in imagination and to increase awareness about the situation.

Using maps and illustrations accompanying and clarifying the written material.


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