Hand In Hand for Syria


Syrian Center for Statistic and Research participated in the charity meeting which was attended by a group of though and politics, including Mr. Issam Al-Attar, Sheik Muaaz Al-Khateb and a group of representatives of active entities or interested in Syrian affairs.

The participation of Syrian Center for Statistic and Research under the title: suffering in Damascus – brief definition with numbers.

The center interested through its participation to highlight on the human suffering which is residents is suffering it in countryside of Damascus , which it raised to the surface and attracted international attention after using chemical weapons in Al-gottin on 21 August 2013 briefed the suffering in victims of chemical weapons without interesting on other faces of the suffering in destruction broad and collective massacres and targeting the hospitals , mosques and disable public life in all its forms as well as the continuation the daily killing since continuous months .

A copy of the presentation (PowerPoint), which was submitted and comment on it phonetically, including shows meaning and completes the desired message