An Extermination War with Proxy and Ethnic Conflict

The situation in Syria, and Participiation  entitled:

An Extermination War with Proxy and Ethnic Conflict               



Mr.Ghiath Bilal

Communication and coordination officail


 Open seminar is organized by ( Conrad Adenauer Stifftung ) one of the institutions of the ruling party , Syrian center participiated in it , responded the invitation by organizing committee of seminor , this participiation focus on  future shape of Syria, which are Syrian wish. It started from the date of Independence and the story of Faris Al-Khoury with the French delegation and successive coups. Then the following points have been debated :         


To draw an image of Syria's future that is we want, we have to start from clear principles and delineate the features of the change we are seeking it and that addresses the reasons of underdevelopment and recession which are making tyranny and vice versa ​​during the past five decades and which can be summarized in the following five themes


-  Democratic Republic State through contemporary modern  Constitution
- Administrative decentralization through local councils with a modern administrative structure
- Political pluralism through the, developed and modern law of parties
- openness economic State  and  services state through the Social Economy that achieves  the minimum services to ensure human dignity and achieve openness economic to other countries in the world
- law and justice state through the independence of the judicial structure of the executive power and the separation of powers